About Us

40-yearsSince its founding by brothers Marlin and Robert Schweich in 1977, M&R Plating has consistently delivered on its promise to provide customers with unrivaled quality, precision and cost-effectiveness in surface finishing. A purveyor of the latest technologies in zinc electroplating, mechanical galvanizing and other metal coatings, M&R Plating boasts the expertise and capacity to handle the demands of small, medium and large-volume jobs with turnaround times ranging from overnight to two or three days, max. Family-owned and operated, we remain committed to offering the most personalized service in the region.

Quality at Our Core

As an ISO 9000-certified outfit, we have an excellent quality management system in place to ensure customer satisfaction in both the product we deliver and the experience working with M&R Plating as a whole. Our Quality Assurance department ensures every job is performed to the exact specifications of the customer, completed on schedule and in line with industry standards – every step of the way. We are so confident in our processes and service that M&R Plating vows to get the job done right the first time and backs its work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also are RoHS compliant.

Going, Going … Green

Operating in full compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations, M&R Plating is fiercely dedicated to conserving resources, producing no regulated hazardous waste and employing processes that promote environmental stewardship.

An industry leader in the green movement, our facility relies on a system of 500 solar panels – one of the largest solar undertakings in the state of Missouri – to curb its dependence on the electrical grid. Erected in 2014, this system provides for up to 20 percent of our energy needs and will prevent 2,280 tons of carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of more than 2 million pounds of burning coal) over the course of its 25-plus years of life. Alternatively, our reliance on solar energy produces environmental benefits comparable to the growth of 53,000 trees over the course of a 10-year period.

Equally concerned with water consumption and quality, we closely monitor our water usage and never release contaminants thanks to an in-house wastewater treatment system.

M&R Plating strives diligently to remain on the cutting edge of environmental advances and will always embrace innovation and opportunity in an effort to save energy while also reducing our carbon footprint and contribution to landfills.

Excellence Everywhere

Committed to excellence in every aspect of the business, M&R Plating is a proud member of the National Association for Surface Finishers as well as the National Federation of Independent Businesses.